South Australia seafood was first exported from to Tasmania in 1836. Despite this strong history not much is known about local seafood production, fisheries management and the science which underpins it. This is at odds with the growing desire among consumers to know the story behind the food that they are eating.

Do people actually know what it takes to bring the seafood we have all grown up enjoying to their table? It all starts at sea where the fish swim happy and free. Then one day, there's a tasty piece of fish on the dinner plate.

The aim of this project, Fishers on Film is to share the amazing and awesome stories of fishermen across South Australia through a series of short films. The older fishermen with stories of the past, and the younger fishermen with bigger stories of how to do it different in a tough environment. Eating sustainable seafood is becoming an important part of people’s lives, therefore it’s time to get to know their seafood from ocean to plate.

This project showcases the amazing South Australian produce and shows consumers exactly how some of their favourite species make it onto their plates. The films capture inspirational and educational stories of fishing in South Australia which are real and relevant.

Bart Butson (Port Wakefield, SA)

Karen Holder (Adelaide, SA)

Gary Hera-Singh (Meningie, SA)