The NSIA is a body that consists of the Chairmen or Executive Officers of all commercial fisheries peak bodies in Australia.

The membership consists of:

  • Katherine Winchester, Northern Territory Seafood Industry Council
  • Grahame Turk, New South Wales Seafood Industry Council
  • Johnathon Davey, Chair NSIA, Seafood Industry Victoria
  • Julian Harrington, Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council
  • Franca Romeo, Secretary NSIA, Wildcatch Fisheries SA
  • Alex Ogg, Treasurer NSIA, Western Australian Fishing Industry Council
  • Eric Perez, Queensland Seafood Industry Council
  • Renee Vajtauer Commonwealth Fisheries Association
  • Aaron Irving, Pearl Producers Australia

The NSIA addresses issue of national importance to the commercial fisheries and seafood sector. Current priorities include:

Resource access and Australia’s marine bio-regional planning process (i.e. Commonwealth marine parks)

Food labelling laws

Administrative and cost burdens on the seafood industry and co-ordination of Government processes

Increasing the profile of the Australian commercial fishing and seafood industry

Fisheries research, development and extension


Seafood Labelling

The country of origin of the seafood you eat should never be a mystery.I


At the supermarket and fresh fish shop, by law, all seafood has to be labelled with the country it is from. But when you go out to dine, there is no obligation by law to label where the seafood you are about to order and eat, comes from.

This happens because there is an exemption regarding country of origin labelling on cooked or pre-prepared seafood in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

There is no logical argument as to why for almost a decade consumers have had the right to know the country of origin when they shop for seafood at the supermarket, but not when they dine out or get take-away.

The Australian fishing industry believe consumers have a right:

  1. To know the country of origin of the seafood they choose to eat from a menu; and
  2. Be confident that if they are paying for Australian seafood, they are eating Australian seafood.

The National Seafood Industry Alliance is asking Members of Parliament to support the one and only recommendation of the Commonwealth Government's Senate, Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee Report.

3.63 The committee recommends that the exemption regarding country of origin labelling under Standard 1.2.11 of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code for cooked or pre-prepared seafood sold by the food services sector be removed, subject to a transition period of no more than 12 months.

As a seafood consumer, you can register your support for the Senate Committee’s recommendation on the on-line petition at


Senate Report on Seafood Labelling

NSIA Country of Origin Brochure